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Commencement 2015 - schedule

Commencement for the Class of 2015 takes place on Monday, May 25th. Dates and times of the various Commencement activities:

Sunday, May 24

6:00 pm

Head of School's Reception
Koven Terrace
(for Seniors, families/guests and faculty)


6:45 pm

Commencement Dinner
Virginia Hamilton Solley Hall
(for Seniors, families/guests and faculty)


8:00 pm

Prize Night Ceremonies
Meeting House on The Green
(for all students, families/guests and faculty)

Monday, May 25

9:30 am

Senior Pictures
Bourne Garden


11:00 am

Meeting House on The Green


12:00 pm

Commencement Luncheon
Conroy House
(for Seniors, families/guests and faculty)

Important Information for Seniors and Families/Guests

Please be aware that because our school has grown larger, the church will be extremely crowded.  Seating in the Meeting House on The Green is available on a first come first serve basis.

We have engaged Phil Dutton ’81, our school photographer, who will take pictures of each senior receiving his/her diploma as well as candid and group shots at Price Night and Commencement.  All his photos will be available for purchase at

Parents and friends wishing to stay overnight the night of Prize Night, who have not made reservations to date, should do so immediately.  On the Accomodations Page you will find a list of local inns, bed and breakfasts, and restaurants to assist you in making arrangements.

After the Prize Night ceremonies you may take your child off campus provided he/she is not currently in any discipline difficulty, but you must make certain that correct sign-out procedures have been observed and that you return your son/daughter in time for the formal senior group portrait scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Thursday morning in the Bourne Garden.

Celebrating commencement with champagne on the Washington Green after the ceremony is illegal.  Please remember that the Green is public property and Connecticut State law will be enforced by local police should they witness minors violating it.

Commencement Dress

The Gunnery tradition is that the entire student body attend graduation exercises. In order to provide ample opportunity for parents and students to gather the required clothing, outlined below is the official Commencement 2015 Dress Code:


Girls: Navy blue blazer with The Gunnery emblem sewed on the breast pocket, The Gunnery plaid skirt (no more than 2” above the knee and tailored to fit properly), a white oxford shirt and either black or navy blue closed toe shoes (2” max heel height). All clothes must be neatly pressed.

Boys: Navy blue blazer with The Gunnery emblem sewed on the breast pocket, a white shirt with the formal all school tie, khaki pants and dark dress shoes and socks. No sneakers. All clothes must be neatly pressed. Every boy in school must have a haircut.


Girls: A white dress (fully lined or worn with a slip) in a style appropriate for a morning graduation ceremony, appropriate footwear (white or light metallic colored flats, sandals or wedges).  Dresses must be no shorter than 2” above the knees and should be modest (not low-cut, low-back or tightly fitted). Commencement dress for Senior girls will be approved in person by the DOS office after Spring Head's Weekend. 

Boys: Navy blue blazer with The Gunnery emblem sewed on the breast pocket, pressed khaki dress slacks, white dress shirt, alumni tie, shoes which can be polished (preferably black) and dark socks. Every boy in school must have a haircut.

Every student will be held accountable to the above expectations. If questions arise, please feel free to contact Lauren Lord in the Dean’s office at or 860-868-7334 ext. 280. 


For general questions
Lauren Lord
860-868-7334 ext. 280


Commencement Portraits
Commencement portraits and candid photos by Phil Dutton will be available at in the week after the ceremony.


Local accommodations and restaurants